The best thing about the day of the wedding is that even when things don’t go as planned, the bride and groom don’t even care because all they are focused on is the love they have for each other. Tim and Teri’s wedding was exactly that. It was imperfect in the best ways and made for the most memorable day. Congrats Mr. + Mrs. Sawyer! xo

Also shout out to my trusty second shooter & beautiful friend, Michelle Kopka. Some of these images were taken by her!


This past week I went on vacation with Chris & my family to Outer Banks, North Carolina. We drove from Ohio with my mom, step dad and youngest sister, Maya to Virgina Beach - where we camped for a night. We packed our stuff up in the pouring rain on Sunday morning at the campsite and made the 2 hour drive to Corolla, NC where we met up with the Fisher family.

OBX was pretty much amazing. I swam in the ocean for the first time ever, spent the nights in the hot tub and drinking with the fisher family, went on a 4x4 tour to a remote part of OBX where we got to see wild horses, seen some amazing sunsets, cooked and ate some fish from a local market & watched a movie on a projector screen that my uncle brought with him, next to the pool with the beautiful night stars above us.

I had a pretty great time and am so lucky I got to spend it with Chris and my family. xo


My first beach wedding was uhhhh-mazing! Everyone needs to get married on the beach because it’s pretty much the most romantic thing ever.

James, who is one of Chris’ work friends, asked me to shoot his and Christyna’s wedding over a year ago (view their engagement photos HERE). They rented a huge cabin in Lexington, right on the water. From the small and intimate ceremony to the perfect weather - this day couldn’t have gotten much better. The reception was a tent filled with lots of family and love & the night ended on the beach with a bonfire, fireworks, sparklers AND a guy who could breathe fire. I mean - seriously this was a great day and I had so much fun documenting and celebrating love!


I’ve been trying to think of what I would say for this blog post….and I think it finally hit me that MY SISTER IS FREAKIN’ ENGAGED!!!! My little sis is not so little any more and it’s bittersweet. I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled for her when I heard Matt popped the question but I’ve slowly come around. It’s not easy to realized that your siblings are growing up, especially when you’re the oldest. I always feel the need to protect my sisters & I was scared for her….not because I think Matt’s a bad dude but because I’m her older sister and that’s my job!

After spending the day with her and Matt last weekend, walking around downtown Plymouth, visiting The Bean, getting drinks and food at The Post…I realized that I am really happy for her & extremely proud. Carley has grown into a beautiful women & I can see the love her and Matt have for each other. I can’t wait to be apart of their wedding day next year as Carley’s maid of honor…and I’m not gunna lie, I got a little teary eyed writing this post.



One of my parent’s friends, Natalie, contacted me to take some head shots of her for a new personal trainer job. Of course I said yes. Natalie was actually the person who introduced me to Teresa, a personal trainer whom I’ve photographed on numerous occasions. It’s so inspiring to hear what other strong women are up to. It was so nice to catch up.

Here are a few of the head shots I took and then also a few I shot just for myself. This was the first time I’ve shot in my empty “studio” & I’d love to do some more stuff like this!


I can’t believe it’s June already! Looking forward to a busy month with two weddings, some second shooting, engagement session of my sister & her fiance AND a squeezing a trip to Outer Banks in between all this!

I photographed Orion last weekend dressed up as a super hero in the cutest outfit ever & his new pup (who’s not so little anymore). They ran around chasing after each other and it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. I’m sure Tiffany can’t wait to pull these gems out when Orion is ready for his first date….haha.


The Cranbrook Gardens are amazing. When Tom emailed me asking if I would photograph their family, first off I knew his family would be super cool because he’s related to Rebecca (one of my old coworkers) and secondly he suggested the Cranbrook Gardens as a shooting location - which I’ve never been too! It’s basically the secret garden of Bloomfield Hills.

Also, Tom & Katy have two of the most adorable kids.



I’m kind of loving taking pictures of prom days! I had the pleasure of photographing Angie’s daughter’s prom day this past week. You can definitely tell the love this family has for each other.



My aunt had me photograph my cousin, Patrick’s, prom day last weekend. I still can’t believe he is about to graduate and head to Wayne State for college. I’m so proud of him and I know that he will love college. It’s always bittersweet seeing your family growing up…but I’m glad that I’m the one that gets to document it :)



This past weekend was a pretty great one. Hung out with Chris & our nephew Donovan. Oh and meet our new family member, Daisy!

Eastern market and dogs riding skateboards…can’t get much better then that.


I had the pleasure of meeting Adam + Chelsea last weekend. They are two of the coolest people and I can only imagine how awesome of parents they will be to their soon-to-come baby girl, Charlotte. We shot at Ford Field in Dearborn, which I haven’t photographed at in a few years. It’s always nice to revisit a location with new ideas.


My first official wedding of 2014 AND my first out of state wedding! I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about this one. I always get a little nervous before shooting a wedding and especially the first one of the season. BUT it couldn’t have went any smoother. It literally said it was going to rain that day up until the day before. The weather was PERFECT and the location was at a 100 year old hotel (Hotel Baker) in St. Charles, IL - which was also perfect!

Not to mention, I had the best second shooter ever by my side. My long time college friend, Jessica. It was amazing to shoot with an old friend, we always did work well together and I think it shows in these images!

Here’s to hoping I get a few more out of state jobs :)

Chicago // 2014

Every time I visit Chicago I literally have the greatest time. That city never lets me down. And this visit I got to photograph my first out of state wedding, which was AMAZING! I’ll be editing those photos and making a blog post with all their beauty soon - but for now I owe a HUGE thanks to Erin & Kristen for hosting Chris and myself at their place for 4 days. It was so nice to visit with friends and having a great place to stay at. Here are some photos from our visit - enjoy!

Today was pretty great. // #Vscocam #Taylorwedding #stcharles #hotelbaker #Chicago

Today was pretty great. // #Vscocam #Taylorwedding #stcharles #hotelbaker #Chicago

We made it to Chicago! So excited to hang with our friends and most importantly photograph Kristen and Jeff’s wedding tomorrow with @jvanfleteren by my side 😃 // #Chicago #thebrownsack #photography #detroit

We made it to Chicago! So excited to hang with our friends and most importantly photograph Kristen and Jeff’s wedding tomorrow with @jvanfleteren by my side 😃 // #Chicago #thebrownsack #photography #detroit